Traveling with your pet?  

Here are Lakeside we are a pet friendly company. Your pet travels free of charge. However, not all our customers are pet lovers, so should want your pet to accompany you on your journey, we ask the following: 

  • You notify us at the time of the booking, as not all our drivers are able to transport animals. 
  • Your Pet/Assistance Dog is well behaved, clean and dry, comfortable in vehicles and you do not allow them to get onto the seats. In some circumstances, we may ask that your pet travels in the hatch/boot area of the vehicle. 
  • Lakeside drivers are required by South Lakeland District Council to carry Guide Dogs, Hearing or other Assistance Dogs belonging to a customer, unless the driver has been granted exemption by the Council (on medical grounds, for example). Such an exemption will be displayed in the vehicle. Assistance Dogs travel free of charge

Should your pet soil the vehicle a Valet / Inconvenience charge is applicable which will be no more than £100.00. This charge partially covers the cost of a valet and the lost revenue whilst the vehicle is off the road.